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What more is there to say?

The great games those guys and gals made are like a roll of honour of gaming classics. Bring up a list of the Best Games Ever and LucasArts’ fingerprints will be all over it. A company who lit up the bedrooms of many older gamers, LucasArts leave a legacy that will always live on with the experiences they gave: to the games players back then, and their influence on games being produced now.

LucasArts helped progress games into unique experiences that entertained, with a massive dollop of fun!

Rather than mope about Disney’s decision to close LucasArts as a dev house down, we want to reminisce and celebrate everything that LucasArts created.

Join us at Get into Gaming for our unique mix of game playing, talks, and thrillz!

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We're lining up a ballblazing team of guest speakers.

Tim Cooper

On the night, Mr Cooper will take to the stage to talk about Nurse Quest: Love Hurts, a web based game heavily influenced by Tim’s love for the LucasArts’ point and click adventures. Tim will talk about where the idea for the game came from - and the fascinating tale of how the game came to be made.

More speakers to be announced as GiG3 approaches.

Hi Score heroes

Simon Wilson

A man who favours the space bar as his games' "second button"

Si started off life puzzled by Lunar Lander in a neighbour's front room back in Immingham in 1982.

Fast forward four years, and Si has seen Wargames and thinks he'll be able to hack into the Saudi Arabian defence network using his newly acquired Commodore 64. He has to make do with Green Beret and Winter Games. Luckily these started Si's love affair with games - and also floppy discs.

Sean Parker

Crap gamer. 8-bit geek. Tech lover.

From his first taste of hardcore gaming with Blitz on the Vic-20, Sean has always had a passion for fast paced action games.

Whether it's a shoot 'em up or a pedal to the metal racing game, he's well up for a challenge. An habitual tweaker of technology, he's modified many a quickShot joystick in his quest to be half good. If he ever takes his headphones off and stops listening to chiptunes, Sean WILL finish building that Master Chief suit.

The venue


The venue

The third level of GiG will take place upstairs at the Adelphi, on Hunslet Road, Leeds. The pub is a ten minute walk from the train station and a five minute walk from the Corn Exchange.

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Parking / Travel

The Adelphi is to the south of Leeds city centre. You can easily walk to it from Leeds train station and Leeds bus station - a ten minute walk from both. Car parking is available at the NCP on Swinegate (on the Leeds inner circular), which is a five minute walk round the corner.

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Only so many players can take part in Get Into Gaming, so entry is by ticket only. Register through Eventbrite by clicking below. Tickets are priced at £3.75.

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