Fewer coins needed to enter Get into Gaming 3!

Written by Si on May 30, 2013

On Wednesday 12 June 2013, from 6pm onwards, the third level of Get into Gaming starts. On the night we are going to be celebrating the Legacy of LucasArts!

We are chuffed to announce that we have now dropped the cost of a ticket to the event to just two UK Earthling pounds. You can get tickets by clicking here.

All the money we receive from tickets we put into the event. We feel Get into Gaming is at its best when the room is fuller rather than emptier, and we hope this price drop will entice a few more of you to spend the evening with us celebrating the games of LucasArts – in the only way we, and you with us, know how.

We’re pulling together our final list of games for the night – and one of the boys is adamant that two player Ballblazer on the Commodore 64 is part of the night. Somehow we’re going to show that there has been something ace about the last ten years’ of LucasArts’ life as well. There’s also talk of props for a Monkey Island challenge with a difference, and the quiz is starting to take shape – with the promise of a trainer round or two to ease folk into things!

The talks are also coming together. Tim Cooper is coming up from Sheffield to talk about a game he created as an ode to the SCUMM-based point-and-click adventures. Our Si Wilson will be talking about the influence and effect LucasArts have had on his life – and career (which isn’t making computer games!). We do have space for one more person to talk, so if you fancy taking that spot – and it doesn’t have to be about LucasArts – drop us a line at load@getintogaming.co.uk.

We hope you can join us. We’re really looking forward to it!

You can get tickets over at GiG3′s Eventbrite page.