Mobile Gaming Flash Mob at the National Media Museum

Written by Sean on May 5, 2013

At Get into Gaming we celebrate video games. The events we run so far have celebrated gaming on devices that are as big as (or bigger than) shoe boxes. Arcade machines. Commodore 64s. Amigas. Xboxes. Those sorts of things. And our events are usually at night, in a dark venue, usually a pub.

So, we’d like to try something… a little different, a little less organised, a lot less official, but something for anyone and everyone to turn up to and enjoy.


On Saturday 11 May, from 11am, in the Games Lounge at the National Media Museum in Bradford, we want to try and get together a Mobile Gaming Flash Mob! All you have to do is just bring yourself and bring your mobile gaming device(s) to play on and show off!

What you’ll need

What kind of things are we talking about? Off the top of our heads here’s some starter ideas:

3DS, Gameboy, Game Gear, Playstation Portable, Atari Lynx, Game and Watch, even your mobile phone!

We hope you can make it!